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A Topical Outline


The purpose of this assignment is to assist you in preparing your report for Assignment 7.4, the Critical Examination of One Historical Movement in Technology Education. There are many steps along the way, and one is the creation of an outline for your report. Assignment 7.3 asks you to share your outline with the class in a discussion board forum.


After your historical movement analysis topic mentioned in Assignment 7.1 has been approved, engage in additional planning, searching, reading, thinking, and writing to organize both your approach, and the information. Along the way, you should develop a topical outline for your report. Please expand this outline so that there is a different topical heading for each paragraph of the report you intend to write.

Post this outline for your proposed report for Assignment 7.4  to the forum that I've named:

7.3, Topical Outline

Please follow the format and limitations specified below. I encourage you to comment on others' posts, to ask questions, and to provide helpful advice or resources.

Format & Limitations

1. Please post your message as a reply to the initial "Post 7.3 topical outlines here" message.

2. Select a subject line for your message that begins 7.3 then identifies your topic, such as

7.3 Appropriate Technology TE Movement

3. Add your name to the first line of your post, as shown in the example, below.

4. In the past, more than one student failed to follow the format stipulated here: Do not use an attachment, but instead type in your outline directly to the message you post. The degree of depth of your outline should extend to the paragraph unit. That is, for now, consider an organizational structure where there are major heading, and one or more levels of minor headings under these, ending with a separate heading for each paragraph. And for now, please use italics for paragraph headings only. These paragraph headings likely will not be included in your final report, but they are an aid in outlining. For the purposes of this submission, please use a hierarchical numbering system to indicate headings and subheadings, as seen in the following initial listing:

Subject: 7.3 Appropriate Technology TE Movement

Tentative outline by Jennifer Andrews

I. Introduction

I. A. Appropriate Technology (AT)

I. A. 1. Problems with Inappropriate Technology

I. A. 2. Defining AT

I. A. 3. Historical Growth of AT Efforts

I. B. Technology Education (TE)

I. C. Purpose of this Report

II. Methods

II. A. Document Review

[Note, this example is only of the beginning of an outline. There would be many paragraphs listed in the section that eventually covers the movement for Appropriate Technology in TE.]

Concerns: There is a difference I've found between the AT movement, and the movement to teach AT in TE, and I am reporting on the latter. However, the AT movement has aspects that have informed TE, such as the "think globally, act locally" approach, and the emphasis on using post-consumer materials where possible. Yet, there are other aspects, such as international technology transfer, where I find myself wishing that TE had embraced some of the wonderful aspects I'm learning about AT. I heard about a Dr. Scanlin working on AT at a university in North Carolina, and I'm planning to contact him when I have read a bit more and I have a good set of questions to ask.


In the example shown above would indicate there are six paragraphs so far proposed for this outline, with the first one being on the topic of "Problems with Inappropriate Technology" under the major heading of Introduction, and the subheading of Appropriate Technology.

5. You do not need to include any text other than descriptive headings / topics. You do not need to cite any references, or to use APA style. You do not need to use indenting to make the outline easier to read, but this is certainly welcomed.

6. Please note that this is a draft outline only, and it will likely change as you write your report. However, it should be complete even though it might change. Outlines that indicate only a six-paragraph report, or those that do not address subtopics essential to your study may not earn full credit. Keeping that in mind, you do have academic freedom to follow a creative path in this historical research, and you should feel empowered to pursue a unique direction to your topic.


This activity is worth 10 points, and the due date can be found in the Assignments page.

"Assignment 7.3: A Topical Outline"
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