The Thinkquest Algebra II Tutorial


By the end of this lesson, you should be able to perform basic algebraic manipulation, including the following:

1. Solve equations and inequalities.

2. Graph points, lines, and functions.

3. Solve systems of equations.

4. Combine, multiply, and factor polynomials.

5. Manipulate fractional algebraic Expression.

6. Manipulate algebraic powers and roots.

7. Graph and solve equations involving complex numbers.

8. Solve quadratic equations.

9. Graph quadratic functions.

10. Graph circles, ellipses, hyperbolas, and systems of equations.

11. Graph exponential functions and solve logarithmic equations.

12. Solve problems involving permutations, combinations, and basic probability.

13. Perform addition, subtraction, and multiplication with matrices.


After reading this page, please visit the Thinkquest tutorial on Algebra II. When you get there, notice that there are also pages that help students learn about Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus/Calculus. But you should just concentrate on the Algebra II tutorial for the time being.


1. Visit the Thinkquest Algebra II Tutorial Web site:

2. Click on each of the Algebra II topic links on the left of the screen, beginning with "Eq. and Ineq." and ending with "Matrices." (Although ThinkQuest's Algebra II tutorial includes 16 topics, you are only responsible for the first 13 tutorial topics at this time. The topics related to trigonometry will be covered in a different module. Please note the the learning objectives stated at the top of this lesson are hyperlinked to the Thinkquest tutorials.)

3. For each of these topics, quickly scan the contents. If you do not feel confident with the contents, read it carefully and try out a few problems.

4. Click the "Take the Quiz" link at the bottom of each of these pages. Take the quiz, and do not continue until you achieve mastery of the material.

5. Proceed to the next Algebra II topic.


If you have any questions, please try to find the answers with the resources at your disposal. These might include the online tutorial, the help provided in the tutorial's quiz, other online resources, print resources you may have, and your calculator and its guide. (Remember, a good calculator can be used to as a tool to teach yourself math.) Contact the instructor if you have any questions or concerns.

Other Resources
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